Pingdom at W3C’s Web Performance Working Group workshop

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Pingdom is on the road again. This time we’re heading to the W3C’s Web Performance Working Group workshop taking place this Thursday at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Attending this workshop, we want to make sure that we listen and learn about what’s coming in the future in terms of web performance. In the pipeline for the working group are things that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on our products, as well as our users.

Web performance and RUM

But by participating, we also want to give our input on the specifications that the group is working on, as well as exchange experience of how to best use the upcoming specifications. Standardization of how to measure web browser performance on the client side is one thing we’d like to discuss further with everyone at this workshop.

One area in particular, which we’re very interested in, is RUM (Real User Monitoring). Since we just opened up a beta invite for our upcoming Pingdom RUM service, we want to see what others are working on, and feel the pulse of the community.

We want your input

To be able to get as much out of this as possible, for the community as well as ourselves, we would like your input about what kind of issues you would want us to raise at the workshop and what kind of questions we should ask.

You can reach out to us on Twitter, leave a comment below, or send us an email to Any and all input is appreciated, and we’ll make sure to report back to you on any answers and feedback we receive.

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