Pingdom welcomes Erik Trangärd as frontend dev

Erik Trangärd, frontend dev at Pingdom

Today, Pingdom is proud to announce that we’ve added another great talent to our already amazing lineup of developers. Erik Trangärd will use his skills and experience with JavaScript, Rest, PHP and more, as a frontend developer, to enable Pingdom to bring you even more cool features and functionality.

Erik is actually born and raised in the same town as Pingdom’s HQ, which is Västerås, Sweden. He showed very early that he was indeed born to hack when he all but ripped his Amiga 500 apart to find out how it worked.

When the Internet started getting popular, Erik discovered the web. Building websites – from design to coding – captured his interest, and he decided that he needed to learn more about programming. Being a true geek, Erik studied a range of subjects in college, starting with computer science and continuing with game development.

Erik’s job at Pingdom will challenge his skills and experience from various areas, although it’s the coding that will take center stage. That fits him well, because Erik views the creative process in programming as a form of art. “It’s the creative element that attracts me to writing code,” he said. Then he adds that programming is just a tool to create a good design and experience for users.

Erik has spent the last few years working with developing a business system. But as he was looking for a change and new challenges, he got in touch with Pingdom, and one thing led to another.

Besides coding, Erik enjoys sailing, preferably in his own boat. He says he likes the feeling of disconnecting from everything and just enjoying the moment.

We’re still looking for more people

Even as Erik is getting into his new position as Frontend Dev at Pingdom, we’re still looking for more super geeky, talented, and fun coworkers to join our growing team.

If you want to join our team, you could be a key component in accomplishing our mission of making uptime and performance monitoring even easier and more available to the entire world. Besides, you will have a choice of what crazy maxed out and packed computer you want to run – Linux, Mac, or Windows.

If you would like to find out more about the positions available, head over to our career site for all the details. It’s in Swedish, as you might imagine.

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