Pingdom welcomes interaction designer Magnus Leo

interaction designer

Continuing a string of recent hires, we’re today very happy to welcome interaction designer Magnus Leo to the Pingdom team. We’re excited to find out what he really means when he says “I make things interactive.”

Magnus comes from Strömsholm, not far from the Pingdom HQ in Västerås, Sweden. Playing the DOS game The Incredible Machine on a Windows 3.1 PC was one of his first experiences with a computer.

That progressed to “lite programming” with The Games Factory. Later, he was introduced to more serious programming in high school, which was when he first realized he was born to hack.

After some programming courses in high school, Magnus studied interaction design at Mälardalen University. His interest in interactivity and how to design interactive systems took off and he immersed himself in cognitive science, computer science, programming, and much more. The Internet in general and the web in particular later became the natural outlet for his creativity and interested in interaction design.

Above all, he wants to create interactive systems for humans, systems that behave like they should, in a predictable manner, so that they are easy to use.

Magnus summed up his view of his new role at Pingdom: “I develop that which is visible to the user and make it work. I make things interactive.”

With such an approach, we’re sure that Magnus will be a great addition to the Pingdom team.

Would Pingdom be a good fit for you?

Do you think that Pingdom would be a good fit for you? Even though Magnus has joined Pingdom, there’s still room for you in our super geeky, talented, and fun team.

If you want to join our team, you could be a key component in accomplishing our mission of making uptime and performance monitoring even easier and more available to the entire world. Besides, you will have a choice of what crazy maxed out and packed computer you want to run – Linux, Mac, or Windows.

If you would like to find out more about the positions available, head over to our career site for all the details. It’s in Swedish, as you might imagine.

PS. We’ve made it even easier to apply. Now you can apply for a position using your LinkedIn account.

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