Pingdom’s Web Performance Year in Review 2017

2017 was a big year for us at Pingdom – we celebrated our 10th birthday! We also had plenty more reason to celebrate: we added plenty of nice new features to our tools, like Filmstrip for Page Speed monitoring and Threshold alerting for Uptime monitoring.

We also released major updates to our iOS and Android apps, launched new servers in Latin America and released our next-generation end-user monitoring: Visitor Insights.

But while we were busy on all of this, we still had time to perform over 262 billion tests last year! In doing so, we collected a lot of interesting data. For instance, here’s how the average webpage looked in 2017:

Join us as we look back on the past year in numbers in our Web Performance Year in Review. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

A big thank you to everyone joined in making the web faster and more reliable!

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  1. Pingdom has been a great tool for measuring a website performance. The information’s offered are accurate and helps to optimize a website to be in a right SEO shape.

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