Pingdom’s 2008 boost

A new year has arrived, and we here at Pingdom have dived headlong into it. For example, just last week we launched a new iPhone app that can be used to access our uptime monitoring service.

And while 2009 promises to be a great year for us, we certainly can’t complain about 2008. In fact, 2008 has been a very good year for us.

In 2008 we have:

  • Nearly doubled our customer base.
  • Nearly tripled the number of sites we monitor.

At the end of 2008, Pingdom was monitoring the uptime of 34,353 sites.

Judging by the feedback we have been getting from people around the Web, people are finding the service highly useful and often something of a lifesaver.

One of the main benefits of using Pingdom is that you can be alerted of site problems, and there has been a significant amount of alerting going on in 2008. We sent out:

  • 4,872,832 email alerts (yep, almost 5 million)
  • 448,584 SMS alerts

Ok, enough chest beating. 🙂

We’re truly looking forward to what 2009 will bring, and we promise you that we will be working hard to make the Pingdom uptime monitoring service even better and more useful.

And finally, a BIG THANK YOU to all our great customers! Without you, we wouldn’t be anywhere.

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  1. This blog is to thank for a lot of it. It drives a lot of traffic to the service especially when it hits reddit or digg. Thats how I found out about pingdom.

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