Pinging the Press

The press has started to take notice of how useful GIGRIB is to find out facts about network outages and website problems.

Back when GIGRIB was under the Ipwalk umbrella, GIGRIB was already being used by several members of the press to get facts about site outages, for example the extensive AllofMP3s site problems, to name just one example.

Pingdom recently took custody of GIGRIB from our sister company Ipwalk, and in the short time since then, GIGRIB data has already appeared several times in the press, such as yesterday’s article about online bank uptimes, and as late as today the extent of a large network outage in the south of Sweden could be determined with the help of GIGRIB (see below).

Image: Swedish IDG writing about a network outage affecting 20,000 websites.

Aside from personal use, this is one of the main purposes of GIGRIB: Transparency and public information about the availability of websites and service providers.

This would not be possible without the voluntary GIGRIB users all over the world who together make up the GIGRIB monitoring network. As the GIGRIB network grows with more and more users, so does the number of websites that can be monitored by it. All this information is made public, for free, in real time, on the GIGRIB website.

Small note: It might be worth pointing out that GIGRIB is a completely separate entity from the paid Pingdom uptime monitoring service. The paid service relies on a separate network of monitoring servers, offers more features, and does not publicly display statistics (unless the customers themselves decide to publish their own uptime information).

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