Report from Velocity Europe day 2

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Our second day at Velocity Europe, which is really the first official day, has wrapped up and we wanted to give you a glimpse of what happened. Although much of this we have already reported on Facebook and Twitter, we still wanted to collect it in one place.

John Allspaw and Steve Souders kicked off the day, setting the stage for what was to follow.

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Girish Patangay of Facebook gave a talk about how the social network ships code and ships it fast. Soon, he revealed, Facebook will update its sites twice per day, not a small feat with close to 1 billion users.

facebook velocity pingdom

Ilya Grigorik from Google talked about Google Chrome Dev Tools and previewed another session, which was to follow later in the day.

google velocity pingdom

Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram, took the Velocity audience on a wild ride through how the social photo sharing app has managed scaling from its humble origins on a single server to now being a part of Facebook.

instagram velocity pingdom

The first annual state of the union for mobile ecommerce performance was presented by Joshua Bixby of Strangeloop.

strangeloop velocity pingdom

Joe Beda presented an overview of Google Compute Engine.

google compute engine velocity pingdom

We took some time today to walk around the exhibitor’s area and we stopped by O’Reilly and Google to name a few.

oreilly velocity pingdom


google velocity pingdom

That’s a quick wrap-up of our second day at Velocity Europe and only a small sample of everything that went on. Tomorrow Velocity concludes with, we hope, a string of new and exciting sessions.

As always, we’d love to have a chat with you if you’re around Velocity. Look for us in the yellow or black Pingdom shirts

We will of course be back in the morning on Twitter, on Facebook, as well as here on the blog.

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