Report from Velocity Europe day 3

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Last night we returned to the Pingdom HQ from Velocity Europe and we’d like to give you a glimpse of what went on yesterday during the last day of the event. As with the previous two days, it was a day packed of interesting talks and presentations, lots of great conversations with people, and too many thoughts and impressions to mention.

Continuing on from day one, John Allspaw and Steve Souders kicked things off, presenting what was to follow during the day.

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The main hall was packed for most of the presentations that were held there, but it was an even more crowded situation at many of the sessions in the other rooms.

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Steve Souders returned to the stage to do a demo of BrowserScope.

souders velocity pingdom

Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith  from talked about whether you should choose to develop native apps or web apps for your mobile users.

walmart velocity pingdom

Patrick Meenan from Google gave everyone some tips on how to handle third-party scripts on your web pages.

meenan velocity pingdom

In his speech, Christopher Brown from OpsCode talked about how ops is maturing as a discipline, drawing parallels with other disciplines that have gone through the same stages of development.

opscode velocity pingdom

Intense note-taking is as an essential part of attending a Velocity event.

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Andy Davies and Aaron Peters walked the audience through some features of WebPageTest.

webpagetest velocity pingdom

More Velocity Europe soon

That’s a quick wrap-up of our third day at Velocity Europe and, of course, just a tiny taster of everything that happened. Since Velocity Europe is now over, we’ll gather our thought and impressions and return soon again with the complete story of Velocity Europe, so to speak. Look out for that next week sometime.

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