Servers in the enterprise: Windows beating Linux 2 to 1

According to a new data center survey, Windows-based servers are more than twice as common in the enterprise as Linux servers.

The Symantec-sponsored survey included answers from the IT departments of 1,780 enterprises in 26 countries. It included small, medium-sized and large enterprises from a wide variety of industries, with the lower limit being companies with at least 1,000 employees.

Above: Windows still going strong as a server OS.

The chart above shows the averaged numbers from all answers and is taken directly from the report.

What is interesting isn’t just the relationship between Linux and Windows, but that Unix flavors like for example Sun Solaris and HP-UX are still in wide use and nearly as common as Linux. Also, if you choose to look at all the *nix OSs as a group, that group is 70% larger than the Windows segment.

It should be noted that this was just one small snippet of information from the report, which has a wealth of data center-related information. At 83 pages it takes a while to go through it, though.

Data source: Symantec’s 2010 State of the Data Center Report.

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  1. You could rewrite the title : “Unix beats windows 3:1, Windows used as a server only in one third of big companies, Linux the most used between unix platforms”.

    But since we all already know that, it would not sound such drammatic.

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