Six articles that will teach you more about Open Source

Open Source is an interesting subject, not to mention that the Open Source movement has become a true power through the years, providing us with a great range of freely available software.

From time to time we’ve looked at different aspects of Open Source in this blog, so we decided to cherry-pick some of our very best Open Source-related articles and present them for your reading pleasure.

  • This is the money being made TODAY in Open Source – While many companies don’t disclose detailed financial information we dug around to find numbers for some well-known Open Source companies and projects to see how they are doing financially.
  • 10 interesting Open Source software forks and why they happened – Much of the Open Source software that is in popular use today was born from other projects. This is a look at the history of some of these software forks and why they happened in the first place.
  • Women in Open Source – While they are in the minority, there are still lots of women involved in Open Source (see, it’s not all about guy geeks, there are girl geeks too 😉 ). This post highlights some of the most prominent ones.
  • The seven largest Open Source deals ever – This is a list of the largest deals in Open Source history. A lot of Open Source companies have been bought in the last couple of years, with hundreds of millions of dollars trading places in the process.
  • Microsoft’s Open Source, Linux and Mac labs – When you think Microsoft, Open Source isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But, Microsoft does have test laboratories for Open Source software as well as for their Mac products (think MS Office for Mac). Here is a little bit of insight into these “outsiders” inside Microsoft.
  • Linux popularity across the globe – For many, Linux goes hand in hand with Open Source. The Linux landscape is constantly changing and has a strong community of both developers and users. But where is Linux the most popular, and where are the different Linux distributions the most popular?

We hope you found these articles interesting. Thanks for reading!

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