Sweden, Swedes, and the Internet: what you need to know (infographic)

sweden swedish internetWant to know what Internet users in Sweden do online each day? When most Swedes start using the Internet? What they buy online? Answers to all of that and more can be found in this report, just released by the Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden.

Even though we really love stats and really digging into them, at 69 pages in total, this report is a bit beyond what we would call easily digestible 🙂 So, quite simply, we thought we’d summarize it, highlighting some of the more funny and interesting aspects of the report.

So, here we go: what you need to know about Sweden, Swedes, and the Internet.


sweden swedes internet infographic

Image (top) via Shutterstock.


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  2. @pingdom Since the age of censorship is gone, would love to know the other less digestable parts…maybe would not love to know it actually

  3. I don’t know if the original report included it or not, but it would have been nice to see details about average speeds in Sweden.

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