The 20 most expensive domain names and where they lead

That domain names have become big business isn’t news to anyone. It is often likened to a virtual real estate business where millions of dollars are at stake. We were curious to see how the most expensive domain names are actually being used today, so we decided to find out.

Kate Donahue from Sedo was kind enough to give us a list of the 20 most expensive domain names, where they were sold and for how much.

With this list in our hands, we went through all of them to see where they lead.

Domain		Price ($)  Where did it sell?	 Where does it lead?	       12,000,000  Private Sale		 Ad page 	9,500,000  Moniker/Traffic	 Porn portal	7,500,000  Private Sale		 Online store	3,000,000  Sedo			 Community  	1,500,000  Moniker/Traffic	 Community	1,500,000  Private Sale		 Tandberg company	1,500,000  Moniker/Traffic	 Ad page 	1,180,000  Moniker/Traffic	 Scores&Odds	1,120,008  Sedo			 Ad page	1,000,000  Private Sale		 Community  	  957,937  NICIT/DOMAINfest		  717,978  Private Sale		 Norwegian Labour&Welfare 	  650,000		 Casino games		  635,000  Moniker/DomainSystems Community    550,000  Moniker		 Ad page	  550,000  Private Sale		 Portal for Macau	  500,000  Sedo			 Community	  500,000  Private Sale		 Ad page	  500,000  Sedo			 Ad page	  500,000  Sedo			 Ad page

(Visit these domain names at your own risk. Some contain material that could be considered offensive and/or popup windows.)

Some observations

Out of these 20 domain names…

7 lead to simple ad pages (some of which are parked).
5 lead to communities of some sort (dating sites, etc).
2 lead to casino or poker related sites.

The remaining 6 are a mixed bag of portals, online stores and company sites.

Interestingly,, a domain name that someone paid 12 million dollars for, is just a simple page with text link ads.

Note: Some may point out that sold for $345 million, and there may be other similar examples, but the ones listed above are stand-alone domain name sales and as far as we know don’t include an entire business as in the example.

Not that it is for sale, but one can’t help to wonder what we might get for…? 🙂

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