The coolest and strangest Google merchandize

Google-branded merchandize shows up from time to time, and we here at Pingdom were kind of wondering where people outside of Google get hold of this stuff. And lo and behold, Google has its very own online store,

There is some pretty neat stuff in there, so here is our (highly subjective) pick of the coolest (and sometimes strangest) merchandize from Google.

(There are no affiliate links or anything in this post. We just thought it would be fun to list the items we liked the most. The links below just go to regular product pages at the Google Store.)

Google flashing yo-yo

Who doesn’t like yo-yos? Especially ones lit up by flashing lights…

google yoyo

Google crank flashlight

An emergency flashlight with an FM radio, siren, and cell phone charger. The whole thing can be charged by cranking it.

google flashlight

Google lava lamp

The classic Lava Lamp, Google style.

Google lava lamps

Google bike stereo speakers

Portable speakers you can place on your bike, which will of course also carry your MP3 player.

google speakers

Google sonic rocks

Two powerful magnets to play around with. Seems like fun!

google sonic rocks

Google bean bag

It’s apparently exactly the same kind as the ones in the Googleplex.

google bean bag

Google tumbling tower wooden block game

Build that Google tower as high as possible before it tumbles back down.

Google wooden block tower game

Google baby blanket

Want your toddler to get Googlified as soon as possible? Look no further than this. 🙂

google baby blanket

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