The Velocity job board has a certain lack of polar bears

Around every street corner in SwedenA little update from Velocity 2011

This is pretty cool. There’s a massive job board here at the conference where a bunch of Silicon Valley companies (and Silicon Valley-ish companies elsewhere) are looking for top-of-line operations and developer ninjas. Understandable, since there are a lot of insanely talented people around at this conference.

There are notes from Flickr, YouTube, Netflix, Groupon, Canonical, and many others. Quite a few business cards are pinned to the board, too. For you not at Velocity, this is what it looks like:

Velocity job board Velocity job board Velocity job board

Many of these are great places to work, so we started thinking… We’re also looking for people, especially developer ninjas, but we’re not in Silicon Valley. What’s different about working in Silicon Valley, versus working for a tech company in Sweden, like for example, oh, Pingdom?

Sweden has its perks, you know.

Winter time, you can snowboard and wrestle polar bears in the streets. (Don’t knock it before you try it.)

Summer time, all two days of it, you can hit the beach and enjoy the fact that all the women here are tall blondes. Every. Single. One. And all the guys look like the male model Marcus Schenkenberg. Seriously.

That should be enough, really, but we also have five weeks of paid vacation time, and kick-ass health benefits, which we don’t need because the air here is so fresh that it could be bottled and sold as a health elixir. You could of course argue that those health benefits are necessary when you wrestle polar bears.

If you truly are a developer ninja and not particularly fond of wrestling polar bears, we do consider people working remotely. But you’d have to have some mad skills. If you do, why not drop us a line at jobb at

P.S. If it wasn’t already blatantly obvious, this post contains a certain amount of irony. We’re not kidding about the paid vacation time and health benefits, though, or that we are looking for the very best developers out there (even for remote work). Sweden actually is a pretty great place, even without the polar bears. 😉

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