Easter special: Update your browser, get FREE website monitoring

Making sure that as many people as possible are running the most recent version of their web browser of choice is a Good Thing ™ for so many reasons. Security is one. Performance is another. Compliance to web standards is another (a biggie).

We here at Pingdom want to make sure that as many people as possible run the latest web browser. This means happier web designers and developers, which in turn benefits end users. Full circle.

With that in mind, we want to make sure that we reward you if you run the latest version of your browser. Think of it as our little contribution to the promotion of web standards.

Update: Campaign has now ended as we’ve reached the number of free accounts we’re giving away. Thanks for taking part and congratulations to those who managed to get a free Basic or Business account.

Update your browser, get a free Pingdom account

If you have a website, listen up!

From now until Tuesday next week (April 10), we have an Easter Egg planted on the Pingdom homepage. Here’s the skinny:

If you’re using the latest version of your web browser, you get 100% off a Pingdom account. Yep, a full account for free.

All you have to do is visit Pingdom.com, and follow the instructions.

The full yearly price for a Pingdom Basic account is normally $120, and a Business account is $480. This is an excellent opportunity to save some bucks.

The discount code you’ll get also works for upgrading existing Pingdom accounts.

What you get from Pingdom

Just in case you’re not familiar with what we do…

With Pingdom you’ll be the first to know when your website is down. The faster you know about it, the faster you can fix it, and we test your site every minute, 24/7.

We make website monitoring easy. There is nothing you have to install. Everything is handled by Pingdom’s servers, so just create an account, log in, and quickly set up monitoring. That’s it. You’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.

A few features of the Pingdom service:

  • Monitor uptime and response time of websites, servers, mail servers, etc.
  • Get website downtime alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or Pingdom’s mobile app (see below). You can have as many contacts as you like.
  • Android and iPhone app: View your status on the go, and get alerts.
  • Plenty of troubleshooting help for downtime.
  • Plenty of reports to help you see uptime and performance trends.
  • Like transparency? Just activate your own public status page. We host is for you.
  • And much more.

Oh, and you get free support. No canned cut-and-paste replies, you get to talk to real people here at Pingdom.

How the discount works: The discount applies the first invoice of a Pingdom Basic yearly account, which lets you monitor up to 5 websites or servers, or a Pingdom Business Account, which lets you monitor up to 30 websites or servers. Once that year comes to an end, you can choose to continue using Pingdom, or not. We’ll give you a heads up in good time. The discount is limited to the first 1,000 uses and to 1 use per person or company.


  1. Now if only your browser detection actually worked… “You’re running other version unknown.” for the latest Safari? Come on!

  2. Didn’t get any instructions. Are they supposed to be showing for everyone visiting with the latest version of their browser? Kind of bummed, I’ve got the latest versions of Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Tried them all.

      1.  @JayLim  @Egill Yes, should have shown for everyone with recent browsers. Unless you tried after the offer had expired. 

  3. I am trying to upgrade with FireFox (Latest) & Internet Exploer (Latest) and sadly all I get is a white screen after going from the “Apply Coupon” page 🙁

  4. Ummm, I’ve tried with three different browsers, no go? It’s only the 9th for me, I’ve already signed up, but would love to upgrade to a business plan.

  5. Upgrade information

    I understand that once I have upgraded I will be billed every time my account is renewed. I also understand that no new 30-day trial will be included when I upgrade an existing account.

  6. Try it first, Vivilproject, you might like it and decide to stay 😉 But look out for the renewal email, all,the info you need will be in there.

  7. Can you confirm? If we are already a customer Basic what do we get?
    If we are not a customer what do we get?

  8. If you are on Basic, you can upgrade to Business. If you are new customer, you can sign up for free Basic or Business.

  9. Upgrade information

    I understand that once I have upgraded I will be billed every time my account is renewed. I also understand that no new 30-day trial will be included when I upgrade an existing account.

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