Wanted: Freelance developer for Pingdom project

PingdomWe’re working on lots of fun, new projects here at Pingdom. This means that all our developers currently have their hands full. Because of this we’re looking for a rockstar freelance developer to jump in and help us out with some cool ideas we have.

What you will do

We currently have a project where we would like your help. It’s about website performance monitoring and taking care of lots of data that needs to be aggregated and presented efficiently. You will of course get more details once we’ve been in touch and have decided to work together.

We’re based in Sweden, but since this is freelancing, you can of course be located anywhere in the world, working from home. All we ask is that you’re great at what you do.

Who you are

Things are going really well for us. We’re growing fast, and Pingdom has become a very popular service. When we look for someone to work with, we look for excellence, but we’ll of course compensate you accordingly.

You are a driven developer with a wide skill set who hasn’t just focused on any one particular language or system, instead choosing your tools wisely depending on the project.

New technology and solutions excite you and you’re always checking out the latest hot things in software development. Building a scalable system that can handle a ton of data is something you consider fun.

We’re primarily looking for someone to handle back-end coding and server-side configuration, but if you’re also good at writing front-end code that’s a major plus.

Sounds like something for you? Email work at pingdom.com and tell us about yourself.


  1. @Mara: You’re right, we’re a bit vague, but that’s intentional.

    It’s a very cool project. It’s an exciting technical challenge with a ton of streaming data. It needs to scale (think “big data”). It will also be quite visible. The project will have potentially hundreds of thousands of users.

    What we’re looking for is an experienced backend developer who is no stranger to these kinds of challenges, and we’ll compensate accordingly.

    The idea is to develop this together, so we want someone who can truly contribute.

    So yes, we’re a bit vague in this public blog, but if you (or anyone else reading this) have any questions, please feel free to email work -at- pingdom.com to learn more.

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