We now monitor the world’s top 100 brands (updated)


We have in several articles recently on the Royal Pingdom blog written about how the top brands in the world are using social media, like Facebook and Twitter. That peaked our interest in these global giants so we decided to start following their web presence as well to see if there’s possibly more to find.

With Coca-Cola in the lead, followed by IBM, Microsoft, and Google, this is a list of some of the biggest companies in the world, and we think you will find it particularly interesting to follow how they perform online.

Based on Interbrand’s ranking of the top 100 most valuable brands in the world, we have set up a monitoring list to keep an eye on them. You simply go to http://png.dm/worldstop100brands.

There you can see the list of sites, click on each one to get further details, and even select which range of dates you’d like to look at in more depth.

Like with all our public reports pages, it’s continuously updated. If you take a look at the status page, you may notice that the uptime (right now, at least) looks good for these brands, with only a few instances of downtime.

Do you have suggestions for other lists we could put together and publish? Let us know in the comments below.

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Update (2012-10-05): Since Interbrand has released its 2012 report we’ve updated our monitoring list accordingly. Six brands made it onto the list (Facebook, Kia, MasterCard, Pampers, Prada, and Ralph Lauren) and six dropped off the list (Armani, Barclays, HTC, Nivea, UBS, and Zurich).


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