Web downtime statistics for April 2007

Pingdom web uptime surveyThis month we continue our unique survey of website downtime on the internet. We have used data from Pingdom GIGRIB to calculate the average website downtime in April (based on over 2,000 sites). We have also estimated the downtime of the web as a whole.

The average website downtime

The average website downtime in April was almost exactly two hours.

March 2007: 119 minutes (99.73% uptime)
April 2007: 120 minutes (99.72% uptime)

The average downtime differs by only one minute from March to April. It will be interesting to see if the coming months will stay close to this number.

However, since the number of websites on the internet is steadily increasing, the total downtime for all websites will also increase even if the average downtime for any single website remains the same.

The total downtime on the web

According to Netcraft there were 52.8 million active websites in April 2007, up from 51.3 million in March.

If you count all active websites on the internet collectively, there were 4,399,155 days (12,052 years) of website downtime in April, up from 4,329,375 in March. That is an increase of 159,780 hours.

About the survey

A selection of more than 2,000 websites from GIGRIB was used to calculate the average downtime for a website in April. GIGRIB monitors a good mix of sites from around the world that should be representative of the general website types, including news sites, blogs, corporate websites, simple private homepages, community sites, and so on.

This survey will continue to be performed once a month.

Further reading: The March 2007 web uptime survey.

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