Web retro: The first stumbling steps of Microsoft.com back in 1994-1998

This is what Microsoft’s homepage looked back in 1994 when it was first launched, and its evolution during the following years.

Scroll down for a closer look at the seven first versions of Microsoft.com and some very retro web design.

April 1994 – August 1995

Daily page views: 124,655
Servers: 3

August 1995 – November 1995

Daily page views: 391,243
Servers: 4

November 1995 – June 1996

Daily page views:1,434,274
Servers: 6

June 1996 – August 1996

Daily page views: 3,734,804
Servers: 12

August 1996 – November 1996

Daily page views: 6,669,810
Servers: 16

November 1996 – September 1997

Daily page views: 20,000,000
Servers: 19

September 1997 – November 1998

Daily page views: 38,183,998
Servers: 29

And for some perspective…


Daily page views: Unknown, but Microsoft.com is the 17th most popular site in the world according to Alexa.com.
Servers: Unknown number.

There’s been some evolution, we dare say. 🙂

Source: A Brief History of Microsoft on the Web.


  1. Regrettably I remember some of those monstrosities. They must have tried every possible emphasis for “Where do you want to go today?” which surely was the worst company slogan EVER devised, quite meaningless, nearly a tongue twister, way too long etc.
    But – look at the most recent site – it’s a mess too! Top bar, (Space), Bing bar, (different Space), broad metally menu bar, (mini Space), big block with 2 awkward vertical text strips, (another different space), Black (why black?) news bar, (space – bigger than all the others), then a triple column split which matches nothing else on the page. Sheesh.
    And what oh what is: “Your potential. Our passion.*”
    I’ll tell you what – rubbish words.

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