What is up with Revver’s downtime?

The video-sharing site Revver has been having some major stability problems for a while now.

On November 1, Revver told TechCrunch that they were migrating to a new service provider:

Greenspan checked in and says they are in the middle of major migration from a CDN/provider to a tier 1 & top technology provider which “should make the quality of Revver videos displayed better then ever” (could take a few days).

The question is how well that migration has gone.

Our monitoring reveals that in the past month, the Revver website has been unavailable for a total of almost 24 hours. In just the last week, it has been down for more than 6 hours (including a 5-hour outage on January 17).

Above: Screenshot of a Revver error page. This specific one was captured at 9:55 a.m. EST on January 8.

Some of the time the Revver site is completely unreachable, and other times it responds, but with a HTTP 500 error (internal server error). The site’s uptime for the last month is 96.88%, which is not good at all.

Some of the outages may be due to maintenance, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the site has been unavailable a lot. Hopefully this is just something temporary that the Revver team will be able to resolve soon.

(The monitoring was done with the Pingdom uptime monitoring service.)


  1. I agree with this Revver posting… I have been using the site for about a month… it is worse than ever… the reveiw above was from jan2010… it is now aug2010. the site constantly runs slow, wont load, uploads crash, viewings work randomly, movement from page to page is a crawl, and will often freeze and totally crash – is this ever going to be fixed? or is the site on its way out?

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