What will be the story that sells iPhone 5?

Apple logoEvery time Apple releases a new product, we get to see how skilled they are as marketers. For every new iPhone that Apple has launched, the company has told a new story to sell it to us, something it has pushed a little bit extra when advertising the new product, especially in TV commercials.

For example, the iPhone 4S marketing wasn’t so much about the improved camera, or iCloud. Instead Siri stole the show, the wonder of having your own little virtual assistant right there in your pocket:

The iPhone 4 marketing was not just about the high-resolution retina display, but Apple pushed the potential of FaceTime, being able to see and talk to your loved ones from afar:

Of course Apple also advertised other things, other features, but these campaigns had an emotional core, something people easily could relate to.

The past two iPhone releases focused on Facetime, then Siri. What will come next?

What do you think?

Considering how little we actually know about the iPhone 5 so far, it’s anyone’s guess what will be the main selling points of the next iPhone. However, speculating is fun, so…

What feature do you think Apple will put at the emotional front and center of its ads and TV commercials for the next iPhone?


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