Where Yahoo still beats Google

Yahoo!It’s no secret that Yahoo has seen brighter days and that Google has come to utterly dominate the Web in a way that Yahoo just can’t compete with anymore.

But lo and behold, there are still some places where Yahoo is ranked higher than Google. They’re few and far between, but they do exist, and in some pretty big markets, too.

Where Yahoo is getting more traffic than Google

We looked at the top-ranking websites for a ton of countries to compare rankings between Yahoo’s and Google’s websites. So without further ado, here is where Yahoo still gets more traffic than Google:

  • Japan – In Japan, the localized version of Yahoo, Yahoo.co.jp, is ranked as number one in the country, followed by Google’s localized Google.co.jp in second place. Yahoo is big in Japan. To get an idea of how big, check out the chart a bit further down.
  • The Philippines – In the Philippines, Yahoo.com is ranked in second place (after Facebook) and is followed by Google.com.ph in third place.
  • Taiwan – In Taiwan, Yahoo.com is ranked number one, with Google.com.tw showing up in fourth place.
  • Hong Kong – In Hong Kong, Yahoo.com is ranked number one, with Google.com.hk in third place.

One thing that jumps out is that all of these places are in Asia. Wherever you look in Western countries, Google is usually in the top two, with Yahoo either in the top five or top ten (or in even more meager cases, top twenty).

Big in Japan

As we said, Yahoo has a very strong presence in Japan. For perspective, just look at how the global traffic to Yahoo.com compares with the traffic the Japanese version of Yahoo is getting. These are traffic estimates, not absolute numbers, but it should still give you a decent frame of reference.

Traffic to Yahoo.com and Yahoo.co.jp
There is a certain irony that this chart is provided by Google.

So, we have established that Google isn’t beating Yahoo everywhere. Just in most places. That said, Google’s main competitor for global web traffic these days is Facebook, not Yahoo.

A small disclaimer: We’re just comparing single websites, not the combined services and websites owned by the respective companies. For example, in some countries it’s possible that the combined traffic for Google.com and the localized version of Google might have ranked Google higher. The same goes for Yahoo, of course.

Data sources: Traffic rankings from Alexa. Chart from Google Trends for Websites.


  1. Probably worth mentioning that Yahoo! Japan is independent company (global Yahoo has 35% stake in it) and using Google search engine.

  2. Probably Google is trying to find out why they cannot beat Yahoo in the asian markets. Is it something cultural or are the services being offered by Yahoo serves the asian consumer’s needs better?
    It would be crucial to find out the underlying truth…
    Thanks for the article..

  3. I believe Yahoo is scoring in these countries because Yahoo mail and Yahoo messenger was introduced at the very beginning. These services are very popular in these regions. Due to these majority of the crowd still use these services.

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