Will Twitter help counter the Swine Flu pandemic?

Twitter is a great place to find out what’s going on “right now”, and the Swine Flu situation is no exception. As of this writing, half of the trending topics on Twitter are related to the Swine Flu (or “H1N1” as it’s also called).

With real-time services that facilitate communication in the way Twitter does, are we about to enter an era where we can stay informed to a much higher degree and therefore be able to minimize the ill effects of things such as the Swine Flu?

In short, will Twitter help counter the Swine Flu pandemic?

We here at Pingdom were discussing this over lunch today, and the general theory is that Twitter (and other social media as well) will play an increasingly important role in these situations.

Have you been helped by Twitter in similar situations in the past? Is Twitter getting large and widely used enough to have this kind of effect on our lives?

Let us know what you think!


  1. I certainly think Twitter could have an impact on the future of this swine flu–or, excuse me, H1N1 virus. It has already provided the quickest (albeit, sometimes misinformed) updates on these influenza stories. Personally, I see Twitter as the first stepping stone to hear what’s going on with regard to the virus (perhaps, even potential cures or treatment theories) and then see other news sources’ Twitter pages as providing the in-depth coverage/reporting necessary to fully understand the most important developments. I found some great #Swine Flu and #H1N1 coverage @newsydotcom on Twitter–it’s worth checking out. Oh, and here is the link to the regular newsy.com site. This video is on the recent name change, why it happened and whether it’s truly important or a waste of time:


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