Will Ubuntu’s new look bring in the masses?


  1. While the logo and some of the UI changes are definitely enhancements, I don’t necessarily know if it’s all for the better. There are certain things about the new UI that really bug me, actually, and not just because they’re different (I like different, when different=better).

    All they’ve basically done (with the exception of some minor things) is throw on some new colors, while completely ignoring some pretty relevant features. The borders are large, the buttons are clunky, the icons are uncomfortable. People may be initially attracted to Ubuntu for various reasons, but I doubt the new UI will be one of them.

    The way it looks to me is that they designed it to fulfill the basic needs of people who are just starting out, and hoping that they download a new theme from some directory. Which is fine, but not very user friendly.

    As a whole I welcome the changes, but only because they don’t really change anything for the worst and only give curious people a new reason to check it out with a fresh install.

    Of caurse, that’s just my humble opinion. Not like I’ve developed an Operating System before.

  2. That’s two who actually think this is an April Fool’s joke?

    There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere… like, “don’t publish anything that’s not a joke on April 1st.” 🙂

  3. Well it’s certainly a bit of an improvement (I have no idea why they persisted with the brown scheme for so long), but it doesn’t have any of the bling factor that Windows 7 and OSX have. The basic problem is that the GNOME UI is bloody awful in this day and age, totally outdated, unattractive, clunky, simplistic and not pleasant to use. Yes, committed Linux/Ubuntu users may appreciate the new design but I can’t see too many new users being tempted away from what they already have just by this GUI to be honest.

    Still, a step in the right direction but most users will need a far more compelling reason to switch. It’s a good job it’s free!

  4. A month late on this one. I do believe stability would bring people to Ubuntu. Not some silly change in look. The brown wasn’t that bad.

  5. Confirmed Ubuntu user over the long trem. I spread the word and floks listen. Funny folks don’t convert faster. I expect Ubuntu to dominate soon. Many small improvements make it a better system each time! Keep up the good work, and Thank yo for trouble free computing all this time!

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