Workstations with a gazillion screens

Having just one screen per workstation is enough for most people. Everyone in the Pingdom office has two screens per workstation. We find that that is a nice sweet spot, with a good deal of screen real estate without taking up too much space.

But there are people out there who think having two screens isn’t enough. Not even close.

Let’s start counting…

Three screens

3 screens
From Engadget. (Yep, that’s Al Gore.)

Four screens

4 screens
From Don K.

Five screens

5 screens
From The Contaminated.

Six screens

6 screens
From Gizmodo.

Seven screens

7 screens
From Pdxvampire.

Eight screens

8 screens
From Benjamin Williams.

Ten screens

10 screens
From Akihiko Murazumi.

Twelve screens

12 screens
From The Contaminated.

Thirteen screens

13 screens

And the winner is…

24 screens
From Rebellious Arab Girl.

Now we just need a petition or something here at the office to convince the boss that we all need that last setup… 🙂


  1. A lot of those setups are monitors on multiple machines – it’s not the same. I want to see how many monitors people have on ONE computer.

  2. Question: What purpose do all those screens serve? If they are on the same computer, why do you need to have so many screens? I have two computers at work and only one monitor that they share. I have to switch between them when I change computers. It works just fine and doesn’t take up any extra precious resources and energy, other than my own having to hit a switch from time to time.

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