35% of users have NEVER backed up – don’t be one of them

Today is World Backup Day so why not heed the call and get busy protecting your precious files?

Plus, tomorrow is April 1st, so get ahead of all the pranks, and do it today.

51% of users back up less than once a year

Most of us know that we don’t back up often enough, but we also have this feeling that others are doing it less than we are. Overall, the state of backup is rather sad though.

Here are some sobering numbers about the state of backing up today:

  • 7% of computer users back up daily.
  • 14% of computer users back up weekly.
  • 27% of computer users back up monthly.
  • 35% of computer owners have NEVER backed up their computer.
  • 51% of computer owners back up less than once a year.
  • 2% of computer owners back up more frequently than once-per-day.
  • Men are more likely than women to have backed up their computer.

Online and offline backup

Whatever plan you put together for your backup strategy, make sure it contains online as well as offline components. In other words, back up to an online service, as well as to a hard drive, CD/DVD, or flash drive.

Also, if you do back up offline, put one copy of your data, once in a while, in a different physical location. If you only back up to a hard drive in your home, and – god forbid – your home is destroyed, you’d have lost your backup.

For online backup solution, take a look at the following services and see which one best fits your situation:

Just do it!

So if you have no backup strategy already, devise and implement one today. Take inventory of your data, and from that formulate what would best suit your unique situation, and put it into practice.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that sooner or later technology breaks, so get ahead of the disaster, which will happen sooner or later.

What suggestions do you have for how to backup and which service is good? Share it with us in the comments.

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  1. Creating awareness about backup is a pain, but people do understand about the importance of taking a backup once they are taught about it. It’s great to know you are creating awareness among the blog readers too.

  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. We should obviously have included a few more (obvious) online storage and backup services.

  3. @pingdom My digital possessions are far more valuable to me than my tangible ones. It amazes me that so many people never backup.

  4. And there is UbuntuOne a Dropbox-like service. It gives 5 GB of free storage space compared to Dropbox’s 2GB.
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