YouTube downtime revealed

YouTube has around 20 million unique visitors every month, and thousands of blogs and websites link to YouTube videos. They serve more than 100 million videos per day, and more than 65,000 videos are uploaded daily. As a small metric of how popular YouTube has become in little over a year, according to Alexa data, they now have more daily visitors than MySpace. (YouTube and MySpace even made a deal where MySpace users can add YouTube videos to their pages.)

So how are they performing? The last six months, their website has been unavailable for a total of 15 hours, giving an average of 2h 30m of downtime per month. Considering how much data they are pushing, including video streaming, it’s amazing that their website is available as much as it is. uptime

Month	Uptime, Downtime
Nov  	99.37%, 2h 58m (so far)
Oct 	99.6%, 2h 56m
Sep 	99.84%, 1h 10m
Aug 	99.25%, 5h 35m
Jul 	99.69%, 2h 16m
Jun 	99.99%, 5m

(The YouTube website uptime is measured by Pingdom GIGRIB.)

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