Daily special: see if you can catch a Basic Account, worth almost $120

Every week single day we’re giving away a 1-year Basic Account package, worth almost $120, to one lucky person that has a chance to walk away with this catch.

What we do is that at a different day and time each week time each day, we post a message on Twitter with a link containing a discount code.

The code entitles the first person that applies it to a transaction, to a 100% discount on a 1-year Basic Package, worth $119.40.

Each discount code can only be used once, so the first person that applies it to a transaction gets it – first come, first served.

Note: This discount code can only be applied to new signups, not upgrades or renewals.

Good luck to everyone!

Picture by Andrew Magill.


  1. Hi Jorin. Then you were unfortunately not the first person to use the code. As we explain in the post, the code can only be used once, so whoever uses it first gets it. Better luck next time!

  2. Im the lucky one today on facebook post! 😀
    Hey guyes, when you will post more pics of your new office? 🙂

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