Spring time, sunshine, and a thawing Pingdom HQ

The sun has been shining on us this week, and we’re not speaking in metaphors here. Spring time has reared its head, thawing the Swedish Pingdom HQ. It looks like winter is finally over. (But those words will probably make it start snowing again…)

Spring time, Pingdom HQ
Image: Yes, it is impossible to take a picture in Sweden without at least one Volvo in it…

We were seriously considering setting up a wireless router so we could all sit and work on our laptops outside, basking in the sun. Unfortunately the idea was shot down for various practical reasons (such as not everyone having laptops…)

So, we’re having great weather here at the HQ. (Our developers in Nis, Serbia, are complaining about the cold, though.)

What about our monitoring locations?

Just out of curiosity, what if you count the entire “Pingdom kingdom” as where we keep our monitoring servers? What is the weather situation like right now, at 3 p.m. Central European Time? Here’s the answer, courtesy of Yahoo and Weather.com:

We assume the relatively low temperatures in California are due to the fact that it’s still very, very early in the morning there.

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