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An update and a follow-up to the BeepManager launch

Since launching we have been really busy listening to the feedback from our customers. And in retrospect we could have done some things better, and we are sorry for the sudden and big change this has been for you.

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Updated Pingdom iPhone and Android apps now available

Pingdom app iconWe just wanted to let you know that we recently updated our iPhone and Android apps.

So what’s new in this version? Mainly two things:

  • The ability to pause/unpause monitoring. We added a toggle control for this on the check info page. This can be handy if you need to do some maintenance and don’t want to trigger a lot of alerts, for example. Just don’t forget to start the monitoring back up when you’re done!
  • An outage view, where you can also examine the reason behind each outage. This is the new default view when you tap on a check. Needless to say, this is great for troubleshooting on the go. Tapping on an outage will show you which monitoring locations first detected the outage, and the reason for the error (for example a connection timeout or an HTTP error code).

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When automatic software updates go horribly wrong

DisasterMcAfee had a nasty surprise in store for their customers a couple of weeks ago. An automatic update to its antivirus software suddenly pointed out a system-critical file in Windows XP as malicious. The result was that the file was removed, and Windows XP stopped working.

This crippled entire companies, which often have large sets of computers running XP. To make matters worse: every single computer had to be manually restored. Considering many companies had thousands of Windows XP machines, you can imagine the time it took and the outrage it caused.

Accidents such as these are uncommon, but they still happen way too often for comfort. And if you think the latest incident with McAfee was a one-off? Think again.

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