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Today, we’re thrilled to take Pingdom BeepManager out of beta, and bring you a new and better way to work with your incidents. Internet is a fragile thing and stuff will break, so having the right person getting the right alert in the right way is an important part in our commitment to make the web faster and more reliable.

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Pingdom releases brand new Android app

app-ico-blogToday we have released a brand new Pingdom Android app. Like the iPhone app we released a short while ago, the Android app is completely reengineered from the ground up. With a new design and added functionality, the app puts more information about your website monitoring checks in your pocket. Whenever you receive an alert on your Android smartphone we want to help you get to what’s wrong as quickly as possible, then allow you to dig deeper.

The new app is available today from the Play Store. It’s of course free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t download it right away.

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Pingdom releases brand new iPhone app

app-ico-blogToday we’ve released a brand new Pingdom iPhone app. It’s completely reengineered from the ground up and puts outages in focus. Whenever you receive an alert on your iPhone we want to help you get to what’s wrong as quickly as possible, then allow you to dig deeper.

The new app is available today from the App Store. It’s of course free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t download it right away.

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website downtimeIt may not be something you lay awake at night thinking about, but what if your website would happen to be down for one or a few minutes, would Google then penalize you for that?

Since we all worry about what Google thinks about our sites so that we can appear as favorably in its services as possible, hearing straight from Google would be worth a lot, and now we have.

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cloud storage pingdomAre you storing your files in the cloud? If you are, which cloud storage service are you using? Storing files in the cloud is convenient, but it means you want fast and reliable access to your information at any given time. And if the service is unavailable or your Internet connection is messing up you are in a pickle.

Last year we investigated the reliability and performance of four popular cloud storage services: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. We repeated the same study a year later. Read on to find out what the situation is like in 2013.

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pingdom real user monitoringVästerås, Sweden — April 10, 2013 — Pingdom, a leading global provider of website uptime and performance monitoring, announced today the release of its Real User Monitoring service. With the new service, website owners will know exactly how real visitors experience their website. The performance data that is collected from all visitors to a website is visualized into easy-to-understand graphs and summaries. This makes the data easy to analyze, and the website owner can see how it relates to browsers, platforms and even countries — all in real-time.

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pingdom logoSurrey Business IT, based in the UK, came across our radar last year when it developed a Windows desktop notifier application for Pingdom’s website monitoring service.

It took us a while, but now we’ve connected with Richard Benson, Senior Web Developer/Technician, to talk about the notifier and all the other exciting things these guys are using Pingdom’s services for.

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pingdom velocity europe

It’s with great excitement and anticipation we’re taking off for Velocity Europe later today. If you happen to be attending Velocity Europe, make sure you stop us for a chat! Look for yellow and black Pingdom shirts with Currently on Duty written on them as well as Born to Hack badges.

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to find a part of the Pingdom team at the Velocity Europe venue in London, attending presentations and workshops, talking to fellow webops and web performance people, and just simply taking in the atmosphere.

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PingdomToday, the Pingdom team deployed a software upgrade to some of our monitoring probes. Despite thorough testing, this upgrade contained a malfunction that led to false down alerts being sent to a portion of our customers.

Even if the issue affected monitoring for less than 90 minutes for a limited number of customers, it’s of course frustrating if you were one of them. We take a lot of pride in delivering a reliable service and this doesn’t represent what Pingdom stands for.

Let us first stress how rare it is that something like this happens at Pingdom. In fact, this is the first time a similar occurrence has struck us. That said, we want to take this opportunity to provide information about what happened, present what actions we’ve already taken, as well as tell you how we move forward.

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We now monitor the world’s top 100 brands (updated)


We have in several articles recently written about how the top brands in the world are using social media, like Facebook and Twitter. That peaked our interest in these global giants so we decided to start following their web presence as well to see if there’s possibly more to find.

With Coca-Cola in the lead, followed by IBM, Microsoft, and Google, this is a list of some of the biggest companies in the world, and we think you will find it particularly interesting to follow how they perform online.

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